For more information about how DSA fits into the SGA family of companies, please visit the Services Group of America website.

Development Services of America (DSA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Services Group of America, is a commercial real estate development and management company with 3.4 million square feet of space in 140 different properties located primarily in the West and Midwest U.S.

The company maintains and manages the business properties for all SGA companies and has a successful track record in planning, constructing and expanding food distribution and warehouse facilities. The specialized nature of these facilities demands the utmost in time and motion efficiency for transportation as well as managing several climate zones for frozen, chilled and dry storage goods.

Development Services of America also has experience with highly specialized and diverse projects such as Misty Isle Farms, one of the most valuable private residences in the nation; several Class A corporate office space developments, one of which is the brand-new SGA Corporate Center at Kierland; commercial cattle and horse ranches; and a multiple-hangar corporate flight center with a commercial fuel farm.

The company, founded in 1988, has properties in Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska and Montana.